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The Sonder Story

New Zealand designer and creator Rowena Shirtliff found her creative expression through clothing design at a young age - learning to sew and create her own garments from the age of 10. After high school she solidified and expanded these skills during a two year diploma of fashion design, then went on to gain experience in the fashion and hospitality industries. During a three year stint working as a chef on private yachts throughout the 7 seas, Rowena visited many remote islands; It was here she further developed a love and appreciation for traditional methods of making textiles, food and products, all handcrafted by local artisans. On a recent Summer trip back to Europe, Rowena spent some time at Scuola del Cuoio (School of Leather) in Florence, Italy. It was here she worked alongside an Artisan leather worker and learnt incredibly valuable skills in construction and finishing. It was after this that Sonder and Wilde was born from a love of creating, and the need for honest, quality leather goods. 
Sonder - what does it mean?
Sonder is a feeling. It's the profound realisation that random passers-by are living a life just as vivid and complex as your own. Sonder and Wilde came from a love of creating, and the need for honest, quality leather goods.
"I had this Sonder experience many times while traveling. It conveys so well into what I want this brand to represent. Slowing down, listening and learning, and appreciating diversity and creativity. The 'Wilde' in the brand name is the playful, quirky and adventurous {dancing on tables} side of everyone."





Beauty of hand made

All products are finished by hand to ensure quality goods that last.

The beauty of handmade lies in its imperfections. Designing a new piece has no end - handmade is hundreds of hours of testing and development.

Handmade is QUALITY, authentic, and an expression of creativity and dedication.

In the flesh

S&W is not a physical store... yet. But find me at a collection of markets around Auckland, Waikato and BOP area. Any upcoming markets will be listed on the announcement tab at the top of your screen. 


Festival bag Jurassic

We're (made to order) for you! 

Having something made just for you is pretty cool. Here's some key things we think you'll agree with...

  • You know you are getting a brand new product, made especially with you in mind.
  • You are making a more conscious buying decision, and minimising the overconsumption of material goods.
  • There is zero to little waste of materials, we use even the tiniest scraps and offcuts. 
  • You can make small customisations like the colour of the logo, or mix'n'match your leather colours.
  • You are supporting a small NZ made, one-woman business.
  • You can revel in that excitement of waiting for your new product to be handcrafted and delivered to you.

Made to order - for us

  • There is little to zero waste of materials.
  • I feel honoured and proud to make you something I KNOW you will love.
  • Made to order saves space and time. I am a very small business still in the early stages, working out of a small workshop so space is limited.