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Our Leather

The notion of NZ Made is one that I hold close to my heart. Where possible, I source NZ cow and deer leather that has been grown, tanned and produced right here in Aotearoa. Sometimes I just cant go passed a gorgeous Italian hide also.

As a natural product, leather is made to last. You buy less often and own it for longer, promoting a more conscious approach. Unlike synthetic fibres, leather gets better with age and wear. Its the small quirky imperfections in the hide which makes it so stunningly personal and unlike the next piece. It once had its own life, and is now part of the Sonder narrative.

As a by-product of the New Zealand food industry, Leather is the most sustainable option for S&W luxury goods. 

I source a high quality, pigmented, corrected grain to ensure uniformity of colour and texture. It is the perfect combination of durability and aesthetics, yet still providing a desired softness and comfort. 

Kangaroo Leather has been used for some of the smaller Sonder pieces in a limited edition range. It is flexible, strong, and thin in structure, making it a superior option for S&W minimalist wallets.

Leather Care

To care for your Sonder leather goods is really simple. The hides I use are corrected top grain, meaning they're actually pretty resilient, and can handle a few minor splashes and scratches. 

  • Leather doesn't like to be submerged, so don't bathe it with your toddler.
  • Remove marks with a clean, damp cloth and wipe with the pressure needed. 
  • Avoid household cleaners as these can leave marks and stains.
  • Use a leather conditioner once a year like this one from Lapco to preserve its life and keep it soft.

Leather is a skin after all, so it needs to be well cared for.

Storage of Leather bags

Hang up your bags out of direct sunlight, as the pigment can fade over time.