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People and Planet

Buy less - choose well - make it last. 

Sonder and Wilde advocates for the 'slow' movement; a widespread reaction to fast fashion. It’s thoughtful, intentional, and holistic. To take action on this means hitting the brakes on excessive production, overcomplicated supply chains, and mindless consumption. 

With an overall goal of rethinking our relationship to material goods and reshaping purchase behaviour - the slow fashion movement works towards creating an industry that benefits the planet and all people. In a perfect world, and hopefully someday soon, fashion will simply be slow fashion.

S&W goods are consciously designed and created with quality, practicality, functionality and sustainability at the forefront of the design process; all products are made to add value to the lives of our customers. Keep reading to see why we believe leather is the best option for our products. We even use the smallest leather offcuts to make all our little bits like labels, and tabs to hold the hardware, making the bags and wallets fit for purpose. 

Why leather?

  • As a natural product, it is made to last. You buy less often and own it for longer, promoting a more conscious approach...
  • It just feels (and smells) so damn good...
  • Leather is a by-product of the NZ food industry, and would otherwise go into landfill. With a lesser impact on the environment, it is the more sustainable option...
  • Unlike synthetic fibers, leather gets better with age and wear...
  • It's the small quirky imperfections in the hide which makes it so stunningly personal and unlike the next piece. It once had its own life, and is now part of the Sonder narrative. 

Sustainable packaging

We use recycled, reusable and compostable courier bags to lovingly package up your goods. This keeps your new Sonder product protected during delivery, while also offering peace of mind.

We're not perfect, but we're conscious, we're trying hard and we care. We are on a journey of constant learning and adapting and will continue to do our best for our customers, business, and the environment.